Moving You To A Higher Level

The new approaches to architecture are changing the appearance of our cities and their structures. New technologies and innovative designs greatly enhance this change which has resulted in advanced technical solutions for the transportation of passengers, goods and data transmission from conveying units.

Inclined Lifts

The hydraulic or electrical inclined lifts with front or side access

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Escalators & Travelators

Escalators and Travelators are the most simple conveying units to be integrated in a building structure with the highest traffic capabilities.

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Platform Lifts & Chair Lifts

TFE has assembled a number of versatile and customized platform and chair lifts that will enhance the conveying capabilities

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Dumb Waiters

TFE provides the solution which you may have never thought of so far with this service lift.

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We care about your business

Attention is given to each component in the elevator refinement in car decoration and in technical requirements to have the safety features compliant with the standards and regulations.

Our assistance extends as far as providing you with the studies, traffic analysis and design for your buildings conveying units at the early project design stage. Benefiting from our expertise and moulding your conveying needs to suit the projects requirements at the very start.